Carl Ford Accountancy - Putting you in the driver's seat!

Carl Ford Accountancy- putting you in the driver’s seat

Imagine if you saw Lewis Hamilton looking backwards whilst driving his Mercedes during the Grand Prix.

You probably might think he was mad.

JUST using your Accountant in Tax Season is just that. Just mad!

Why? Just using historical data makes you a reactive. You want to be a proactive business owner.

Your accountant should be a pivotal member of your pit team giving you real time feedback that you can influence.

How can Carl Ford Accountancy help you?

Like Lewis Hamilton, you need to understand the numbers that make you quicker, leaner and a performance driven business.

But should you be doing the accounts on a Sunday night?

Probably not, you wouldn’t see Lewis Hamilton doing an oil change or changing a tyre. So why should you do your accounts?

As your knowledgeable accountants, the best gift you get is peace of mind.

You will have the peace of mind that you know your numbers, so that you can invest in your business performance and navigate any sharp bends that arise.